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Dr. Saacha Spade shares an empowering, thought provoking message about the importance of being a good Steward and her highly transformative, ground breaking project, Level Up Legacy Challenge at the Boss Up Conference 2022 with Mr. Rick Ross.

Letter From Dr. Saacha Spade

"A Good Man/Woman Leaves an Inheritance For Their Children's Children"


My name is Dr. Saacha Spade and I am the Founder of the LEVEL UP LEGACY FOUNDATION (A 501(c)3 Non Profit Chartable Foundation). As a Wealth Preservation Expert, I have worked tirelessly over the last 15 years assisting families with understanding the importance of passing a legacy forward to their Heirs and building a legacy by using available tools that will ensure their legacy is successfully passed to the children they will never meet.

Legacy has always been highly important to me and I have always felt that passing a better world forward is a major part of my purpose. However in 2021, I was propelled into another level of this innovative work and inspired to begin the LEVEL UP LEGACY FOUNDATION after the untimely transition of my 29 year old Sun followed by my 93 year old Father who transitioned 11 months later. Through the pain of that loss, I recognized that there are MANY families who do not have a plan in place to ensure that a legacy is established to improve the conditions of their environment in the event of an untimely transition of their loved ones.  So through the reality of that pain, I began the LEVEL UP LEGACY CHALLENGE which has helped over 2k families receive immediate access to a package specifically designed to give them control and management over assets that will automatically put their family in a better financial situation.

Although the work is extremely challenging, our strength lies not only in the word that we stand by, but most importantly in the actions of our project. From the moment we began our work in 2021, we understood the systematic and deliberate blocks that prohibit certain communities from having access to available remedies to cure the illness of poverty. The imbalance surrounding equity and education in the lives of millions of families across the United States prevents these families from taking important, yet necessary steps to leave a legacy of prosperity and generational wealth for their family. As a result, these families pass on a legacy of debt by default while others communities pass on a legacy that has been intentionally built to ensure they have a more advantageous reality.

LEVEL UP LEGACY FOUNDATION is making an EXTREMELY positive yet powerful impact within communities that have had generational wealth streams interrupted by poverty, segregation and disenfranchisement. We do not support the victim mentality and only work with individuals who are willing to shift their consciousness around their circumstances, eliminate the excuses and make a commitment to break the generational cycles of dysfunction, lack and struggle they have often inherited. 

We encourage you to help us to help more people by sharing the gift of empathy through giving. Whether you sponsor 1 family or 100 families, each gift is HIGHLY appreciated and will be instrumental in helping a family pass a better world to their Heirs. 


Dr. Saacha Spade, Founder

LEVEL UP LEGACY FOUNDATION provides a charitable grant to each POVERTY STRICKEN family who is serious and committed to being the change maker in their family. We believe that in order to generate wealth, there must first be a system in place to preserve the wealth that one is focused on building.


This charitable grant enables the opportunity for each family to receive:



  • 10 TROY OUNCES OF SILVER (Valued at $300)

  • PARCEL OF LAND UNDER 1/2 ACRE (Valued at $5k)


We help our families to understand that we are here to be a Good Steward over what has been entrusted into our care and we help our families accomplish their legacy building goals. 

Our ULTIMATE goal?



Purple N Gold (1).jpg


We work with families who are considered to be low income by the income standards according to the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) for the year of 2022.  The income limits established are:
Family of 1 : $13,590 annual
Family of 2: $18,310 annual
​Family of 3: $23.030 annual

Family of 4: $27.750 annual
Family of 5: $32,470 annual
Family of 6: $37,190 annual
Family of 7: $41,910 annual
Family of 8: $46.030 annual
Family of 9+: $4,720 added for each additional person

We pre-screen our families to ensure that they have truly been affected by poverty as our goal through the LEVEL UP LEGACY FOUNDATION is to help families who need assistance with transitioning out of the cycle of generational despair. 

If you are someone who does not fall within the parameters of what has been determined to be 'low income' but would like to benefit from the opportunity, we also have packages available for families who can afford the opportunity. 

We contribute 25% of all proceeds generated through the LEVEL UP LEGACY CHALLENGE (for profit) to LEVEL UP LEGACY FOUNDATION in order to help additional families who may not have been sponsored through contributions. 






Many families in the United States are trapped in a cycle of generational dysfunction. And many of these families are seeking a solution to end the cycle that has plagued their family from one generation to the next. 

Your generosity, empathy and support will give us the ability to help more people shift the trajectory of their family by making sure that they establish a legacy for those they are responsible for. 

$1,500.00 will help ONE family Level Up their Legacy.

$5,000.00 will help THREE  families to Level Up their Legacy. 

$10,000.00 will help EIGHT families to Level Up their Legacy.

$20,000.00 will help EIGHTEEN families to Level Up their Legacy. 




"We estimate that White households inherit over 5.3 times as much as Black households and 6.4 times as much as Hispanic households. White households are 2.8 times more likely than Black households to inherit any wealth. Differences in inheritances reflect and may contribute to wealth differences by race." - Penn Wharton, University of Pennsylvania

image0 (15).png

"Across all age groups, White households on average inherit about $15,000, about five times more than Black families and over six times more than Hispanic families. We find this pattern consistently across surveys since 2001. At which ages people receive the most in inheritances, on average, differs slightly by race. Peak inheritances for Hispanic and Black households occurs in the 35-54 age group, while White households inherit the greatest amount between 55 and 74. For Black and Hispanic households ages 75 and over, the median across the surveys of the average inheritance is $0.

Comparatively, across all ages Black and Hispanic households receive just 40 and 67 percent of what White households inherit, out of households that received any 

inheritances in a five-year window. Despite having the lowest likelihood of inheritance receipt and the lowest (unconditional) average inheritance levels of the three racial groups, Hispanic families who do report inheriting anything receive 1.7 times what Black households inherit, on average."

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